Thursday, 17 December 2009

Vision 3 for Mac !

Vision 3 is ESP Vision's newest release,
providing NATIVE MAC OSX support. Now,
program your lighting scene in ESP Vision
without needing BootCamp on your Macintosh computer.

Contact us for more info.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

ESP Vision in Oslo..

The Royal Opera in Oslo has advanced their 
3D facilities with a ESP Vision 3D system.
ESP Vision is getting more common in the theatre scene.
The demand for highest realistic 3D pre-production & documentation,
is leading the way for high-end 3D products like ESP Vision.
We are proud to welcome another ESP user in Scandinavia.

We got a new studio....

We started 2009 by moving to bigger offices.
This gives us more space & a far better studio facilities.
We welcome you all to swing by for a chat. (bring cake!)
We´re planning a early summer-party/housewarming
a long with Brothers...
You´ll all get invited !!

We got a new site....

Please enjoy our brand new site..
For our ESP vision users, web-shop section
is coming up..